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Lowering the Cost of Healthcare by Listening First

Rather than replicate an existing solution, in 2008, The Resource Group dismantled the traditional approach to healthcare resource and supply management and developed its User-Directed Integrated Solutions. This process starts by listening to the caregiver to determine the necessary attributes of a product or service, contracting to meet these attributes with the best value, and continuously implementing to achieve and sustain value. The Resource Group’s customers, known as “Participants” achieve maximum savings as all decisions are made based upon listening to and respecting the voice of the caregiver. This approach has resulted in a contract portfolio that covers 90% of our Participants’ supply, IT, construction, capital, and purchased service needs.  

Service-Based Resource and Supply Management

Although The Resource Group is a change management organization specializing in operations and logistics, sourcing and contracting, and implementation and analytics, at its heart, it is focused on hospitality and caregiver satisfaction. We believe that resource and supply management should be silenced; the typical “noise” present in the resource and supply management function should be eliminated through a tightly-coordinated and highly-efficient virtual operations and logistics model which allows our Participants to focus on what they do best - providing patient care. Additionally, this low-cost model eliminates unnecessary expenses associated with operating capital-intense warehouses and expensive, low-unit-of-measure distribution models while also improving inventory turns and fill rates. Since 2011, The Resource Group’s Participants have increased inventory turns 45 percent, resulting in an additional $116M in cash available through inventory reduction.

User-Directed Integrated Solutions

Our approach to Strategic Sourcing, Change Management, and Operations and Logistics Optimization is known as the User-Directed Integrated Solutions.  Through these solutions, The Resource Group has delivered more than $1 billion in annual expense reduction, in supplies, purchased services and non-supply areas, to its Participants. 

The Resource Group manages the end-to-end resource and supply function for over 2,500 locations across 20+ states and Washington D.C. with a contract portfolio valued at $7.7 billion in annual supply, purchased services, pharmacy, construction materials, capital, and IT spend.

We designed our solutions to provide maximum value to our Participants. Learn how they could work for your organization.

The Resource Group does not make product decisions for the end-user; instead, it operates a process by which decisions are made.  User-Directed Strategic Sourcing empowers end-users by focusing on the attributes of a product or service with complete assurance that the highest level of acceptability will be met. This revolutionary approach has been a critical component of our ability to design, negotiate, and implement contracts for products and services that meet the needs of those we serve, evidenced by our Participant’s 99.8% implementation rate of new contracts."

The Resource Group's Purpose

The Resource Group’s goal is to lower the cost of providing quality healthcare by continually innovating resource and supply management and committing to service excellence.  We carry out this commitment through our Service Excellence Promise.

We are rooted in the ideals of hospitality and the belief that success is measured by the satisfaction of the customer.

We promise to deliver the highest level of service to our patients, associates, caregivers, and physicians.  Our dedication enables us to optimize the total value of the products and services we source and deliver. We inspire and empower each other in an environment of belonging and purpose.  We are supportive and contributing members of our communities and those we serve and perform with uncompromising honor and integrity.  Each Associate at The Resource Group proudly carries this promise each day as a reminder of our promise to those we serve.

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