About Us

A Message from our President & CEO, Scott Caldwell

With a traditional GPO solution, there is usually a tradeoff between great pricing and caregiver satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be that way. With The Resource Group, organizations no longer have to compromise. By listening to caregivers and allowing them to direct the decision-making process, The Resource Group offers a contract portfolio that is both best in value and highly accepted. 

This, in addition to the placement of a fully embedded Value Realization Team that manages implementation, operations, and change management, Participants with The Resource Group achieve  best-in-industry value and best-in-industry customer satisfaction. 

The Resource Group does not make product decisions for the end-user; instead, it operates a process by which decisions are made.  Our User-Directed Integrated Solutions start with Strategic Sourcing which empowers end-users by focusing on the attributes of a product or service with complete assurance that the highest level of acceptability will be met. This revolutionary approach has been a critical component of our ability to design, negotiate, and implement contracts for products and services that meet the needs of those we serve, evidenced by our Participant’s 90% implementation rate of new contracts."

Here's What Our Caregivers Have To Say About The Resource Group