Dave Ebenhoh

Chief Mission Integration Officer

Dave Ebenhoh is the Chief Mission Integration Officer for The Resource Group. In this role, Dave works to integrate Ascension’s identity as a ministry of the Catholic Church in the strategy, operations, and organizational culture of The Resource Group. Working at both the individual and organizational levels, Dave cultivates a culture of ministry, community, and personal growth in which the human spirit and the integration of spirituality and business represent a foundational element and expectation of leadership in The Resource Group.

Dave has worked in a variety of ministry and leadership roles in the Catholic Church, including teaching, campus ministry, fundraising, and administration. Along with this formal background in ministry leadership, Dave has explored the fields of neuroscience, counseling psychology, sociology, adult learning, systems thinking, and mindfulness meditation.

Prior to joining The Resource Group, Dave worked as a consultant and coach, sharing his person-centered approach in both corporate and nonprofit settings and helping cultivate a sense of mission, connection, and purpose amidst realities of organizational leadership. Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from St. Louis University and a master’s degree in Christian spirituality from Creighton University.