F. Dewayne Rader

Chief Sourcing Officer

F. Dewayne Rader is the Chief Sourcing Officer for The Resource Group. In this role, he leads all Contracting, Sourcing,  Program Management, Data Science and Continuous Improvement components of The Resource Group. Dewayne also leads the Chief Resource Officer Group which has responsibility for the end-to-end supply management contracting services and integrated change management for all Participants. Dewayne’s leadership guides Program Management to streamline processes, deliver knowledge transfer, develop best practices, facilitate business transformation, and guide projects across all Solution Groups. The Data Science team and Continuous Improvement teams under Dewayne’s direction, use predictive and prescriptive analytical techniques and optimization of complex processes to provide decision support to The Resource Group.

Dewayne has more than 35 years of contracting, consulting, marketing, implementation, data analytics and project management experience, providing leadership and strategic planning in the technology and healthcare industries.

Dewayne came to The Resource Group from NCR Corporation, a 133 year-old company specializing in retail and financial technology solutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration from The University of Tennessee.