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A Culture Built By Putting People First

The Resource Group delivers its value through its people, and it is our people and culture that enable us to achieve success. Our people have created an environment where individuals can thrive as they contribute to our goal of lowering costs to expand access to quality, compassionate  healthcare for those who need it most. Passion and hard work are necessary to accomplish this goal, and we are always looking for people who bring a fresh perspective.

We Believe In

  • Maintaining an equal opportunity workplace by hiring talented people from all industries and demographics to foster innovation and diversity of thought and experience
  • Investing in the people who deliver long-term success to our Participants
  • Transforming the way our associates develop in order to transform the organizations we serve
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning to prosper in an ever-changing business environment

Associate Growth Is A Priority

To innovate lasting solutions, The Resource Group relies on talented individuals who are continually growing and learning. The Resource Group’s people have created a culture that values and encourages associate development and offers structured programs to facilitate that development. Examples include: 

  • Accelerate U: An internal, associate-led, continuous education program
  • Lead From Where You R:  An introspective approach to inspire associates to embrace increasing levels of responsibility throughout their careers
  • Operational Excellence Program: A lock step program exposing analysts to all areas of the organization providing accelerated learning opportunities resulting in thorough career development

As a solution of Ascension, all Resource Group associates also have access to growth offerings through the Ascension Leader Institute which is dedicated to accelerating the development of promising leaders. 

Innovative, mission-oriented, and collaborative are the three words I would use to describe The Resource Group. I feel extremely blessed to have found a company that aligns with my values and work that serves a larger purpose.  

-Anna Witengier, Executive Analyst


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