Experienced Professionals

The Resource Group offers exciting opportunities for experienced professionals at both our System Office in St. Louis and at our various Participant sites across the United States.  The Resource Group views resource and supply management as a dynamic career with opportunities for growth and advancement within and across disciplines and teams.  Positions are available across a number of strategic resource and supply management roles, allowing multiple entry points into The Resource Group.

System Office

At the System Office in St. Louis, communities of professionals collaborate to serve our Participants. 

  • Contract Design: Collaborates with caregivers to design contracts
  • Sourcing: Collaborates with suppliers to negotiate contracts
  • Implementation: Manages complex implementations to ensure optimal value realization
  • Program Management: Manages large projects and programs to ensure sustainable success
  • Business Development: Identifies and develops new business opportunities 
  • Finance: Measures, tracks, and reports financial data and manages performance accountability
  • Analytics: Provides analytic support to all teams within The Resource Group
  • Master Data Management: Oversees all supply chain data management functions as well as develops and implements data tools. 
  • Customer Care: Supports end-users, suppliers, and internal associates by sharing resources and providing information


  • Deployment:  Deploys The Resource Group’s solutions for Participants

Participant Locations

At Participant locations, a cohesive team of professionals works side-by-side with Participant leadership and staff to implement and maximize the value of our model. 

We place the following positions at our Participants:

  • Chief Resource Officer: Engages leaders and influences change
  • Operations Managers: Streamlines hospital resource and supply management operations
  • Implementation Managers: Manages complex implementation plans to drive savings realization
  • Critical Products Managers: Coordinates communication between caregivers and suppliers
  • Operations Data Specialists: Manages data, dashboards, and metrics
  • Analysts: Provides advanced analytics to simplify decision-making

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