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Associate Highlight | Sourcing


March 08, 2019 by The Resource Group


Q: Hi Anna! Can you describe your role and tell the audience a little more about what the ‘Purchased Services’ space includes?

Sure! In traditional GPO settings ‘Sourcing’ is defined as the negotiation and signing of a contract with a supplier. Within The Resource Group, ‘Sourcing’ has the added definition of end-user involvement. What this means is instead of going into a room of suppliers and signing for the best fiscal deal, we collaborate with our end-users and Contract Design counter parts to fully understand the attributes needed for our contracted supplies and services. This allows us to not only negotiate the best fiscal deal, but a deal also representing our caregivers’ needs.

Purchased Services is a unique category because it is comprised of the areas of a healthcare facilities that make the physical organization run but may not necessarily have a clinical aspect. For example, the HVACs, consulting, gas lines, even generators all fall into the Purchased Services category. We find that even in this category, again one that is not always clinical, we have strong end-user preference as this category contracts for areas that are very service oriented. For example, we manage the ‘language services’ contract and if you think about it, without proper language services the day-to-day function of a healthcare organization, and of course patient care, can be impacted.

Q: What future opportunities do you see for the Sourcing community, maybe even Purchased Services specifically?

Within the Purchased Services category we are very excited as we have many contracts that are coming up on their first expiration. This means we get to renegotiate these contracts, and with the advancement in analytics and data bench marking, we are thrilled to see how much more value we can achieve for our Participants. Of course, data advancements are creating huge opportunity for all other categories and, outside of caregiver input, is one of the most important tools we can leverage to understand where we have been, where we are today, and in turn help us determine where we want to go so we can best serve our Participants and end-users.

Q: What does ‘serving our Participants’ mean to you?

As I mentioned before, the Purchased Services category contracts for areas like ‘language services’. Although not directly clinical, language services assists in making sure the healthcare facility operates properly every day for every patient. So, when I think about ‘serving our Participants’, I think about this exact concept. Even though my role at The Resource Group is not specifically clinical, my role ensures a healthcare organization can operate at its highest level every day. For me specifically, this means thinking about what our end-users continuously need, whether that be resources or enhanced services and working as hard as I can to make sure all needs are met and hopefully even exceed those needs.