Change Management

The traditional Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) offers a contract portfolio, but is not positioned or structured to provide the onsite service required for long-term results. 

At The Resource Group, we believe non-payroll expense, the second largest expense category, deserves more attention than a quarterly business review.  Success happens where the work is done.

A transformational and clinically-integrated resource and supply management function requires embedded resources who deliver daily onsite leadership and support, continual engagement, and intentional connectivity.  With The Resource Group, we are literally beside you every step of the way - from the moment our onsite Deployment Team arrives through the life of our relationship. 


Working on Behalf of Participants 

Traditional supply chain organizations hire ‘utility players’ who attempt to do it all. However, we believe that all success begins with people and that highly-specialized experts  can drive more value. This is why with The Resource Group, at the foundation of every solution, much like all other hospital departments, is a group of highly-specialized professionals. These associates bring a diverse range of skills and are dedicated to service. 

Chief Resource Officers (CROs)

Talented relationship leaders who influence change to elevate supply chain from the basement to the board room so your needs are not just met, they are anticipated. 


Leading and owning the deployment process to remove the burden of integration from your associates, developing relationships with physicians, leaders, and associates, and identifying immediate value you will realize in the first 30 days. 

Program Management

Manages all intentional connectivity efforts, in support of improving the experience of your caregivers. An optimal customer experience cannot exist without the formation of meaningful and intentional relationships.