A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

At The Resource Group, we strive to ensure that our supplier relationships are mutually beneficial. We have found that our model benefits suppliers while delivering high-quality and competitively-priced products and services to our Participants.

Why become a supplier with The Resource Group? 

  1. Trust and Integrity: The Resource Group’s model delivers the highest levels of contract compliance in the industry, so suppliers can trust that our Participants will meet commitments. Our vendor credentialing process further solidifies this commitment, assuring that non-contracted suppliers do not have direct access to our Participant caregivers.
  2. Implementation Support: The Resource Group provides on-site, dedicated implementation teams at every Participant to assure that products and services are converted to the selected supplier(s), consistently achieving a 90% level of on-contract supply spend.   
  3. Market Share: The Resource Group’s model focuses on eliminating variation wherever possible so suppliers can be confident that if selected, Participants will purchase maximal volume through The Resource Group’s national contract and price. Standard operational processes support alignment of the item master, vendor master, and charge master across all Participants further ensuring adherence to these contracts.
  4. Attribute Model: The Resource Group’s model focuses on selecting products and services based on attributes rather than brand preference or personal bias, so suppliers can expect that their products or services will be fairly evaluated regardless of their market position.

The Resource Group’s goal is to lower the cost of providing health care.  Supplies alone can exceed 20 percent of an organization’s operating expense, and the average healthcare provider has a single-digit profit margin. The Resource Group’s User-Directed Strategic Sourcing process is based on the idea that above all else, we should meet the needs of the caregiver. By listening to caregivers first, we create a highly-accepted contract portfolio that offers competitively-priced products and services that match the needs of caregivers.

With today’s challenges, it’s more important than ever that we work together to lower costs across the entire resource and supply management function so that providers can continue to deliver quality care to their communities.  We believe that through cooperation with the supplier community, we can accomplish this together.

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