Prospective Supplier Registration Form

*Marked fields are mandatory
(1)  The Resource Group has oversight of the entire contracting process for Participants*.

(2)  Decision Teams and Specialty Affinity Groups, comprised of physicians, clinicians, and other subject matter experts, determine the necessary product and service attributes for contracting.

(3)  Product samples, which may create substantial legal and patient safety risks, will not be left behind at the facilities of The Resource Group Participants.

(4)  The products and services submitted for potential consideration will be contracted through The Resource Group's group purchasing organization (GPO).

(5)  I understand that any false statements or inaccuracies within the information I submit may preclude me and the company I represent from having any further consideration with The Resource Group and its Participants.

*Participants include all Ascension owned and managed facilities as well as potential non-affiliated health, educational, or industrial institutions that are served by The Resource Group.