What is The Resource Group GPO?

The Resource Group GPO is the first wholly-owned healthcare GPO permitted by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). As both an aggregator and consumer of its products and services, The Resource Group is focused on listening to Participants' needs, creating contracts that meet those needs and then implementing programs that improve costs and variation while supporting quality and safety. This approach allows The Resource Group Participants to redirect savings back to patient care, supporting our Mission of providing for all with special attention to those who are vulnerable and living in poverty. The Safe Harbor opinion set forth by the OIG regarding The Resource Group GPO may be found at


What are administrative fees?
Administrative fees are designed to cover operating expenses incurred while The Resource Group contracts on behalf of its Participants. The Safe Harbor opinion set forth by the OIG found that administrative fees are not considered a kickback or inducement to buy, provided that administrative fees remain below 3% and that the GPO annually discloses the amount of administrative fee received from each vendor. The OIG opinion also states that GPOs may distribute a portion of received administrative fees to their customers or Participants. The Participants of The Resource Group include but are not limited to the Health Ministries of Ascension, which may receive a portion of the administrative fees.