Hero in Diversity

The Resource Group Named Hero in Diversity


February 07, 2018 by St. Louis Small Business Monthly


St. Louis Small Business Monthly names Katrina Scott, Senior Manager, Diversity and Sustainability, The Resource Group a hero in diversity in the St. Louis area.  In this feature, Katrina provides advice to diverse business owners and shares about The Resource Group's approach to engaging diverse businesses. 


What is your best advice to owners seeking contracts?

There are a few key areas that diverse business owners can focus on.  First, it’s important for diverse business owners to research current market trends in detail so they know exactly what needs their product or service is meeting and how their product or service specifically provides value to organizations. Second, knowing your value proposition is key, and being able to clearly articulate that is equally important.


At The Resource Group, a subsidiary of Ascension, we are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with diverse suppliers. We see the value this brings to our local economies and communities. We are committed to assuring that we are making the best decisions on behalf of our customers, so it’s critical that all suppliers, including diverse suppliers, demonstrate the value they bring. Finally, diverse suppliers should continually ask for feedback, even when they don’t secure business with a customer. This will allow them to better position themselves for the next round of bids, or for the next customer.


What is the biggest barrier to getting contracts?

One of the biggest barriers diverse business owners face when pursuing contracting opportunities with potential customers is getting in the door. Larger, more established suppliers typically have greater resources as well as strong brand name recognition compared to diverse businesses. The lack of brand recognition and awareness can make it challenging for diverse businesses to be considered. 


The Resource Group recognizes this barrier and takes steps to level the playing field. For example, we have put processes in place to ensure that smaller, diverse suppliers have a direct avenue to communicate with us and share their value proposition. This benefits us, as diverse suppliers frequently have high quality, innovative products and services to offer, but more importantly, ensures equal access.


What are the most exciting opportunities for minority business owners this year and in the future?

In our continued efforts to engage diverse business owners, The Resource Group hosts annual symposiums where diverse businesses have the opportunity to learn more about The Resource Group and meet our leaders. These events create networking opportunities where participants can make connections, share about their organizations, and engage in open dialogue.


What is the process for MBEs contacting your business?

The Resource Group welcomes you to register your business on our supplier registration portal by going to www.TheResourceGroup.com/Suppliers. Registration enables the User-Directed Strategic Sourcing team to access information about your organization, including capabilities, product and /or service descriptions, contact information, and more in preparation for future contracts.  From there, a member of our team will reach out to you directly.