The Resource Group engages with university students

The Resource Group engages with university students


November 16, 2017 by The Resource Group


This fall, The Resource Group is participating in several unique engagement opportunities with bright students from universities across the country. Two examples include involvement in the University of Tennessee's Master of Business Analytics Capstone Project and Howard University's Think Tank. In addition to contributing to students' development and education, these efforts provide The Resource Group access to recruit top talent in order to enhance service for its participants.

The Resource Group is sponsoring a fall semester 15-week capstone project with a group of four students enrolled in the University of Tennessee's Master of Business Analytics (MSBA) program. The student team is analyzing Ascension's HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores to determine how cleanliness scores are related to scores on other questions. In addition to identifying these trends and relationships, the team has also been tasked with building an automated tool to quickly analyze future HCAHPS data sets.

Students meet weekly with three associates of The Resource Group – Nick Criswell, Manager of Data Action, Matt Hayduk, Deployment Manager, and Jacqui Flieg, Senior Analyst – to discuss progress, address any questions, share analytics tips, and introduce different coding platforms that will enhance output of the project. Through this project, students have access to industry experts with real-world experience, providing a rare opportunity for extended exposure and enhancing their learning experience. In addition, The Resource Group continues to create a presence, build awareness, and identify students who possess The Resource Group's desired attributes and have the potential to become future leaders within the organization.

The Resource Group is also working with Howard University in Washington, D.C. Scott Caldwell, President and CEO of The Resource Group, sits on Howard University's Supply Chain Board. Through this connection, The Resource Group secured an opportunity to meet and interact with students in mid-September. Michael Wray, Vice President of Contract Design and Strategic Sourcing for The Resource Group; Kevin Campbell, Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing; and Curtis Cummings, Senior Analyst, led a workshop with approximately 30 Howard University students to share best practices around strategic contracting and negotiations. The students participated in an interactive negotiation based on a real-life situation, reviewed and learned to deploy negotiation strategies, and had the opportunity to ask questions about The Resource Group's User-Directed Strategic Sourcing process. Students gave positive feedback on the workshop, sharing that use of real-life scenarios supplemented classroom learning effectively.

"The Resource Group will continue to seek out collaborative opportunities such as these to positively contribute to students' educational experiences while enhancing the talent pipeline for roles across Ascension," said Terri Hunt, National Director, Solution Support at The Resource Group. "Investing in fresh talent, whether through participating in university activities and programs or developing current associates, is one of The Resource Group's ongoing goals and a strategy to support success in the future across Ascension. Through these types of activities, The Resource Group hopes to continue building strong, mutually beneficial university relationships."