Recent Graduates

A Catalyst for Your Career

The Resource Group offers exciting opportunities for recent graduates across our organization, in both remote and in-person roles. We have positions in many areas including Field Operations, Deployment, Finance, Sourcing, and Contract Design. We’ve found that our Analyst Community is the most popular option amongst recent graduates. The Analyst Community, along with The Resource Group Intern Program, serves as a talent pipeline to the rest of the organization. This structure affords members of the Analyst Community a variety of experiences and promotional opportunities that can jumpstart your career 

Meet The Managers

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The Resource Group invests in its Analysts by offering the following opportunities

  • Operational Excellence Program – A lock step program exposing analysts to all areas of the organization providing accelerated learning opportunities resulting in thorough career development
  • National Analyst Retreat – An opportunity to collaborate with other analysts, discuss future Analyst Community direction and engage with our leaders to learn from their experiences
  • Peer Partner Program – A program that partners new and tenured analysts for mentorship and personal and professional guidance

These activities and more prepare Analysts for advancement within the organization. Interested in learning more about our recent graduate opportunities? Email or browse our testimonials through the online album below! 

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Here’s What Our Analysts Have To Say About The Resource Group