At The Resource Group, we don’t refer to the organizations we serve as “customers” or “clients” – as that implies an “us to them” mentality. Our work is always collaborative and requires participation. Therefore, we refer to those we serve as “Participants.”

  • As a Participant, we work side-by-side with your leaders, associates, physicians, and clinicians to ensure end-users are engaged as active participants and collective owners in the success of your resource and supply management function.
  • Simple access to a contract portfolio will not solve complex problems.  Instead, we share accountability with you in order to implement solutions that help you achieve your financial goals. Our portfolio will provide a gateway to your financial imperatives, but our people’s engagement with end-users map the path to financial success.

If you are seeking to “participate” in a relationship with your resource and supply management partner, we would be honored to speak with you.

Participant Resources

See below for Participant resources:

Participant portals

Our Resource Group Participants have direct access to organizational contracting expertise and other services that increase their purchasing power and reduce their operational costs.

Note: By clicking these links, you acknowledge the information contained on these websites is confidential and covered by the Participation Agreement nondisclosure clause signed by your organization.