Every healthcare provider has a unique story when it comes to their resource and supply management needs.  That is why we take a tailored approach to every engagement, drawing on our experience as a provider-owned organization to listen first and understand your organization’s specific opportunities.  From there, we co-create a Success Map detailing the value we can deliver by working together.

A Unique Approach to Ensure Long-Term Success

Our associates work in healthcare resource and supply management on a daily basis and understand the unique issues that healthcare organizations face.  However, they are not solving the problems of healthcare resource and supply management with the same solutions that have failed our industry in the past.  Our associates learn best practices in resource and supply management from a variety of industries and apply these proven techniques to each Participant with a focus on rapid implementation and long-term sustainment of savings rather than simply identifying savings.

Learn more about each of our areas of expertise and view our Participant’s Success Stories.

User-Directed Strategic Solutions

  • Integrated Change Management

    The Resource Group provides end-to-end resource and supply management services for organizations looking for maximum savings through transformation of their entire resource and supply management. Integrated Change Management includes strategic sourcing for all non-payroll spend; on-site, embedded change management associates known as our Value Realization Team; and operations and logistics optimization across your organization. Participants have realized 8 to 18% savings through improved pricing and total cost of ownership, as well as reduced waste across the resource and supply management through tightly-managed operational controls.

  • Operations and Logistics Optimization

    We believe that a great resource and supply management runs silently in the background and should operate as a service to physicians, clinicians, leadership, and associates.  We’ve improved inventory turns by 45%, reduced on-hand inventory by $116 million, and increased raw fill rates to 96% through the implementation of a simple, low-cost, and streamlined logistics model.  By combining a culture of hospitality with leading operations and logistics processes and controls, we can help you increase cash on hand, reduce waste, and enhance service to your caregivers – all without capital investment in large warehouses, low unit of measure, or expensive technology.

  • Purchased Services Savings Acceleration

    Purchased Services  typically represents 25 to 30% of a provider’s non-payroll spend, and yet this areas of spend is typically not centrally-coordinated to achieve maximum value as measured through service, satisfaction, and savings.  Taking a comprehensive approach to centrally-coordinate purchased services spend has delivered over $214M in annual savings to our Participants while simultaneously improving service and satisfaction to patients and caregivers.  

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