Key supplier resources

These resources support our suppliers with managing their activities.

PeopleSoft Vendor Portal

  • View and acknowledge purchase orders, create advanced shipment notifications, send invoices, participate in online bidding events, maintain account information and more

Sales Reporting Templates

Supplier Contact Information Form

  • Sign up for The Resource Group updates and correspondence
Online Registry of Purchased Services and Supplies

We ask all Resource Group suppliers to participate in an online Registry of Purchased Services and Supplies. This diagnostic resource supports timely and accurate payment for products and services by compiling key data into one system including:

  • Ascension PeopleSoft item number
  • Company name
  • Company catalog/item number assigned by PeopleSoft
  • Item description
  • Ordering unit of measure data

Learn more about the Online Registry effort.

Become a Supplier

Join us! Complete The Resource Group’s Product and Service Introduction Form to submit an application.

In support of becoming a High Reliability Organization, we request a significant amount of information through our New Product and Service Introduction Form. The intent is to facilitate a thorough understanding of the products and services submitted for consideration. 

Please note: Entering information through the New Product and Service Introduction Form does not constitute a purchasing agreement or guarantee a contract; rather, it serves as a means to assist the initial review and evaluation phase of our process.

About the Process

Immediately after submission of your information, you will receive an automated response confirming receipt. Your information will then be processed by The Resource Group and channeled for consideration. Decision Teams and Specialty Affinity Groups, comprised of physicians, clinicians, and other subject matter experts, determine the necessary product and service attributes for contracting. Once the evaluation has been completed and in the event that The Resource Group has interest in your product or service, you will be contacted accordingly. Note completing this form is not a purchasing agreement and does not guarantee a contract.


Learn More about The Resource Group's Approach  - Good Day Ascension Podcast: Scott Caldwell, CEO, The Resource Group, Discusses Innovative Approach to Resource and Supply Management

Acknowledgement Form

If you’re currently one of our suppliers, please complete the form below. It affirms:

  • You are authorized to acknowledge your company’s participation
  • You agree to disclose information regarding your company or its products
  • If you’re currently one of our suppliers, please complete the form below.

Online Registry Acknowledgement