The Resource Group offers exciting 12 week internship opportunities at a variety of Participant locations across the United States. Throughout the program, interns collaborate with The Resource Group team to directly contribute to bottom-line savings for our Participants. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, analytics, process improvement and change management. In addition, interns complete one primary individual project and one collaborative project with a group of other interns. 

Each internship is tailored to the individual with 50% of time allocated to standardized projects and activities for the full intern cohort and the other 50% customized to individual areas of interest. The program includes one week of orientation at System Office Headquarters in St. Louis, where you will meet the other interns from across the country, take place in the annual trivia night, and meet The Resource Group leadership community. The internship program drives value and support for larger projects but also serves as our most comprehensive review of candidates available for full-time hire upon graduation, providing a robust candidate pipeline for The Resource Group Analyst Community.  

Every intern comes to us with different skills and experience. Our goal is to maximize learning and provide interns with valuable practical experience. Rather than hiring based on specific qualifications and background requirements, The Resource Group searches for candidates who embody The 7 Attributes and have a range of experiences to share. Each year, it’s a pleasure getting to know our new team of interns.

The Resource Group provides a one-time housing stipend as well as competitive hourly compensation for our summer interns. 

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Analyst Co-Ops work full-time for three, non-consecutive semesters during the school year.  Co-ops are responsible for supporting the Deployment Community with regard to financial analysis, deliverable creation, reporting, and process improvement associated with the implementation of solutions for Participants.  Co-ops learn hands-on business and consulting skills in a client-facing environment with the opportunity to be considered for a full-time position upon graduation.  Co-ops must be willing to travel to Participant locations up to 80 percent of the time to work with the project team.

The Resource Group provides competitive hourly compensation for co-ops.

Geovana Oliveira, current Co-Op participant, shared her perspective on the program, “The Co-op Program has been one of the most transformative and defining experiences in my college career.  I believe that my experience in the Co-op Program was successful because of the people within The Resource Group and the value placed on developing individuals. From my first day, the people I worked with created an environment that fostered personal and professional development, and this environment pushed me to perform at my best.  I am incredibly excited and optimistic about the future of this Co-op Program.”

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